Spy Party: Hot Wheels Mind Games


No, Mr. Hot Wheels, I expect you to DIE!
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Spy Party is a game of hiding in plain sight and social deception. The spy has to achieve a list of tasks at a party without giving away which character they are while the sniper has one shot to take them out. We do those things but of course with a bit of excessive roleplay thrown in.

The Partygoers:
Tomato –
Bedbananas –
Buck –

Edited by Shayne Hawke:

Nguồn: https://verbivoraciouspress.org/

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  1. “Have you read, uh, Mice and Men?”
    “Yeah, I have. What’s your favorite part?”
    “The ending.”
    “… Mine too.”

    THAT’S how you set up a one liner! Yeah!

  2. Criken, Tomato and Buck are like the Aqua teen hunger force. Criken is Meatwad, Tomato is Shake/Carl and Buck is Frylock

  3. oh my god i just realized something. bedbananas used crikarooni. i used crikarooni way before this. neat coincidence, huh

  4. 13:46 Technically it's not racism unless you say that your race is superior to another, or you just straight up insult said race, interpretation of accents is not technically racist.

  5. “I’m gonna call you Crika-rooni because I’m gonna crack your skull open and peek inside”

    Bed scares me sometimes

  6. Why do people think accent humor is racist? It isn’t even about race. An indian guy who learns American english as their first language will have an American accent. Same with Irish, French, Spanish, or any other accent.

  7. 10:51 Pretending to be a wheelchair as you waddle away fron Austin Powerchair, I couldn't breath for a minute

  8. Cant believe buck was racist enough to do an Indian voice, when the point is to do rp voices, would of been much less offensive if he stuck to the wheelchair racing sounds.

  9. "Have you read 'Of Mice and Men?'"

    "Yeah, what's your favorite part?"

    "…The ending…"

    "Mine too." pew


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