SRB2's HUGE Encore Mode! (SRB2 Mods)


Back from forever ago, it’s Sonic Robo Blast 2 Encore Mode! This time it’s the full playthrough that you’ve asked for for all this time!

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  1. I am ganna comment on this 9 months old video and all i have to say is P R A I S E T H E R U B F O R D Y L A N T O N O T I C E U R S T U P I D C O M M E N T A N D H E A R T I T

  2. can someone port this to 2.2 nvm found the port and…. its multiplayer only

  3. I did this but I added MORE. to be exact…… omega. Mario. Luigi. The Derp. Modern Sonic. And everyones favorite……. TOEI BOI (toei sonic)


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