Star Trek: Rise of the Curvy Space Lizards


To go to infinity and beyond!
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Star Trek is one of those franchises where no matter how janky the games are you can’t help but love it. This time Tomato and Criken go boldly where never gamers have gone before and attempt to defeat the renowned game that is simply titled: ‘Star Trek’

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  1. 9:06 When Criken said, "Space…" I was really waiting for '… The final frontier' to come after that perfect pause. I'm physically wounded.

  2. im sorry but when the giant lizard put spok in a headlock instead of eating his face…im out

  3. Hearing Criken talk about babes is always hilarious.
    Like I'm supposed to believe Criken isn't a slutty bottom femboy…

  4. THANK GOD Digital extremes made Warframe because having this game as your final legacy would be the worst fate imaginable.


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