stretched resolution on valorant doesn't change anything but i felt like i played better so yeah


playing on the same res i used on csgo and i couldn’t be better. do you guy notice a difference on stretch while watching these clips? I personally can’t from watching clips but let me know if you can! ENJOY!

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  1. Okay, Guys
    We all know that 4:3 just stretched the HUD and the Crosshair.
    But thia Guy here is playing automatically better, because he trick his Brain to think that these Models are stretched to like in CS.
    I had the same Mindset, might switch back to my lovely 1024×768
    Not sure…

  2. i play 4:3 black bars on cs and i tried putting it to the same res on valorant and all it did was make my hud look fat

  3. is stretched res like banned or something in fullscreen mode? because whenever i try to use a custom res it doesnt let me

  4. Everyone saying stretched does not increase the size of player models. Thats not the point. Stretched res increases fps and is just something that people coming from cs are used to.

  5. srry to break it to you but the game doesnt support streatched it only streatches the gui and everything els stays the same


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