Subnautica: Scared Boy Loves Prawn Suit


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So, here’s the thing. I foolishly made a promise to my Twitch chat that if I reached 2,000 subscribers on the site I’d try Subnautica in VR. Now, I have a terrible fear of the ocean and all the spooky creatures within it, so naturally when we hit that goal I went through some mental trauma.

The thing is, about a week later… I wanted to go through it again. It was weird but I returned to the game and got a little farther and found myself compelled to keep going. So we did keep going. This is the first video chronicling that journey and how one scared boy became a brave boy. I hope you guys like it.

Thanks to Buck and Tomato for helping me get through this:
Buck –
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Edited by Shayne Hawke:


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  1. Criken is the new Dr.Seuss That wasn't natural, that wasn't fair, that was a jump scare! "Criken screamed as he leaned back in his prawn suit, left in utter awe at the Sandsharks growth."

  2. Did Criken seriously put out the ingame music and decrease the sound enough so the background sounds isn't a thing?

  3. I'm really envyous of Crikens position right now. Not knowing anything about subnautica. I've exposed myself to so much of the game playing it doesn't scare or suprise me much now, considering I know so much about the creatures and stories.

  4. At the end of the game you can send a time capsule down with some stuff a photo and a message than t gets randomly Imported into someone else's game.

  5. Subnautica is terrifying. ;w; BUT, once you have the sub it's not so bad. I literally made my entire base in the sub (had some areas to recharge its batteries but other than that all supplies were inside it). Also meant if I lost it, I'd lose everything. :p But, it's easy to avoid attack in it. Just have to go very slow everywhere.

    What I especially like about the sub is I can close the door to the bridge and can pretend I'm not surrounded by terrifying monsters and just hide in the back. ;w;

  6. Its been a long time. Criken youve gone far. But ive gotta ask. Do you plan to not continue earth wlrm jerry? Its just… its incomplete. Its like the worst cliff hanger. If you cant do it i understand. But if you can. Please. I miss that series. It was the funniest thing ever. Tbh i wish i could buy the merch. I hope you read my post and you find it duly noted. Thank you for the wonderful videos you have provided for us


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