Subnautica: Scared Boy vs The Aurora


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So, here’s the thing. I foolishly made a promise to my Twitch chat that if I reached 2,000 subscribers on the site I’d try Subnautica in VR. Now, I have a terrible fear of the ocean and all the spooky creatures within it, so naturally when we hit that goal I went through some mental trauma.

The thing is, about a week later… I wanted to go through it again. It was weird but I returned to the game and got a little farther and found myself compelled to keep going. So we did keep going. This is the first video chronicling that journey and how one scared boy became a brave boy. I hope you guys like it.

Thanks to Buck and Tomato for helping me get through this:
Buck –
Tomato –

Edited by Shayne Hawke:


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  1. Criken "i usually just stretch my back and my legs, those are the things that need the most stretching, and my neck"
    Buck "can you show me?"

    pornhub community

  2. God I wish I could experience that feeling I first felt when I discovered these guys. I still want to binge more content but I’ve watched the shit out of everything already. Such a great group of unique people, too good lol they really set the bar too high

  3. 14:38 machine says, ”It is normal when first piloting a Prawn suit to feel a sense of limitless power.” next scene Cricken is going on a rampage in the sea.

  4. "It is normal for the pilot to feel unlimited power when in the prawn suit," Criken proceeds to feel unlimited power and goes on a murder spree

  5. I just realised, my friends are exactly like Crikens. They're fucking hilarious maniacs. Maybe I should start streaming…


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