TGS Podcast #49: Live at PAX East 2013 ft. RELEASE THE CRIKEN!


This week’s podcast is LIVE from PAX East 2013, with special guest (showing his face for the first time EVER), Criken!

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TGS Podcast #49 Feat. TotalBiscuit, Dodger, Jesse Cox, and THE RELEASE OF CRIKEN!


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  1. Revisiting this after seeing Criken on the podcast lately. How things have changed. Thankful for these memories <3

  2. That moment when you're watching a video you've seen four or five times before when you notice a young Completionist cameo in the last few minutes.

  3. I love how TB announced the Starbound series that never really happened. So sad, the TB/Jesse Terraria playthrough was so wonderful.

  4. To make it clear cuz i've been confused about this 47:00 thing too. The question is "Um …Totailbiscuit why so mean to Jesse Cox?". Explination about blue eye – TB: "Blue eye for kid was hit up in Zoo he fell or something." This was talked over in latest Co-op podcast. From my point of view Jesse Cox is just very emotional and childish wich makes him very good next to Discipline, Honor man like John. That's why their combo works out so well and John is hating it so much.


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