The Babsquatch [A Grand Theft Auto V Film]

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Hidden in the hills of Los Santos, the Humane Labs and Research facility has eluded public attention for years. Under the watchful eye of Doctor Malcom Babs and Professor Heincock, the lab has genetically modified and experimented on animal and human kind for years. That is, until a security breach lead to the escape of their most dangerous creation– The Babsquatch. This is the story of two men desperate to reclaim their research… and one Babsquatch trying to make sense of a brand new world.

This was all recorded live on a Criken Twitch stream! Watch the full uncut adventure here:

Criken – The Babsquatch
Tomato – Dr. Malcom Babs –
MrLawlman – Professor Heincock –
Kiwo – Trish Bags –
Shayne Hawke –
Cheeky – Officer –
Buck – VR Boy –
Chief1114 –
Zuthar14 –

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Edited by Shaynehawke:


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