The Babsquatch [A Grand Theft Auto V Film]


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Hidden in the hills of Los Santos, the Humane Labs and Research facility has eluded public attention for years. Under the watchful eye of Doctor Malcom Babs and Professor Heincock, the lab has genetically modified and experimented on animal and human kind for years. That is, until a security breach lead to the escape of their most dangerous creation– The Babsquatch. This is the story of two men desperate to reclaim their research… and one Babsquatch trying to make sense of a brand new world.

This was all recorded live on a Criken Twitch stream! Watch the full uncut adventure here:

Criken – The Babsquatch
Tomato – Dr. Malcom Babs –
MrLawlman – Professor Heincock –
Kiwo – Trish Bags –
Shayne Hawke –
Cheeky – Officer –
Buck – VR Boy –
Chief1114 –
Zuthar14 –

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Edited by Shaynehawke:


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  1. Babsquatch.. free! We had a lot of fun making something more cinematic game. Hope you guys enjoy!
    Watch the full uncut tragic tale here:

  2. This is fucking disgusting. L.O.L. you could have warned us it was a low budget scary gore movie. This was funny and nasty and scary a little all at the same time. And seeing as how there is no possible way to have a "community" within an electronic comment section of a public video platform spanning the world, I was not sure what language to use in my comment. Sorry…

  3. Aawww, I got kinds sad at the end, then the attack happened. When I saw how much time was left and he was in the lab I thought they were going to kill off Babsquatch.

  4. To me it's easy to see why this is the most boring episode Criken ever made nothing really happens it would easily be much better if babsquatch escaped into the wild and they had to find him that would be 10,000 times more entertaining then this


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