The Boxtrolls: Slide ‘N’ Sneak Game (Android & iOS)


You won’t see them until they pop out of that box. These trolls are moving quickly to help their brethren in this fun physics-based mobile game called The Boxtrolls: Slide ‘N’ Sneak. The focus here is to rescue your other boxtroll friends. First, you need to collect as many cogs as you can to earn bulbs. The bulbs will unlock factories where the boxtrolls are imprisoned. Defeat any Red Hat guards by stomping them on the head. And be sure to avoid the traps and don’t get caught. Picking up wrenches around the area will help you escape the traps.




The Boxtrolls: Slide ‘N’ Sneak is a fantastical adventure game where you need to save your friends the boxtrolls, the boxtrolls are your friendly little cave dwellers, they wear dresses like shoe boxes and live underneath the earth far from the prying eyes of the humans, but they were captured by the evil red Hats and are sadly being held captive in different locations, this is where you come in, you need to explore different locations across their fantastical and surreal realm and save them one by one, it won’t be easy though as the Red Hats are quite devious and determined to stop you at all cost, and they will do anything to prevent you from saving your little friends, fortunately, you won’t be venturing alone, you can take up to 3 boxtrolls out in the open to help you seek out and save their buddies, you can run, jump and slide across the levels while collecting cogs along the way, be careful though, you need to tread lightly so as not to make too much noise and alert the evil Red Hats, and if you’re lucky enough to reach the Red Hat Factory, you can save your little friends and even unlock new and cooler adventures for you to play.

Graphics and Sound

The Boxtrolls: Slide ‘N’ Sneak has beautiful graphics, the game designs look surreal, quite like Alice in Wonderland where everything is out of the ordinary, character designs are pretty, they look unique and truly out of this world, environments are also beautiful, each of the 5 locations vary in looks and truly unique by design, it has beautiful foregrounds and really pretty and quite nostalgic backdrops, colors are cool, a bit dark but I guess it goes with the game design, animations on the other hand are rather smooth and fluid, music and sounds are great, everything is based on the movie, music, sounds, even voices were imported to make the game pretty, special effects are cool too, not too flashy but still looked great, overall, the game is quite pretty, I particularly like the surreal design, it is quite unique really.


The Boxtrolls: Slide ‘N’ Sneak has you sneaking across the different locations in search for the boxtrolls, the diabolical Red Hats are your enemies here, obstacles that make noise should be avoided at all cost as they will call the attention of the Red Hats, so tread lightly and never make too much noise, besides the Red Hats, there are also traps and other obstacles in the game for you to consider, no worries though as there are cool gadgets that you can use in the game and 10 boxtrolls to help you out in your adventure, they need to be unlocked though, and each one of them have their own unique abilities that you can use in different situations, honestly, you can’t beat the game without your little friends, powerups are also abundant, make sure to grab one as it will make the difference sooner or later.


The Boxtrolls: Slide ‘N’ Sneak features beautiful graphics and unique designs, there are 50 levels in all, spread across 5 beautifully designed locations, there are 10 boxtrolls for you to unlock and use in the game and 8 cool gadgets to make the game more fun, it also has simple tap and swipe controls to make the game easier to play.


The Boxtrolls: Slide ‘N’ Sneak is quite fun to play, it is totally based on the movie release, if you enjoyed watching the movie, you’ll surely love this even more, check it out if you haven’t played it yet.


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