The Boxtrolls (Starring Ben Kingsley) Movie Review


The Boxtrolls starring Ben Kingsley, Toni Collette & Elle Fanning is reviewed by William Bibbiani (Crave Online), Alonso Duralde (The Wrap and Linoleum Knife podcast) and Christy Lemire (

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A family event movie from the creators of “Coraline” and “ParaNorman” that introduces audiences to a new breed of family – The Boxtrolls, a community of quirky, mischievous creatures who have lovingly raised an orphaned human boy named Eggs (voiced by Isaac Hempstead-Wright) in the amazing cavernous home they’ve built beneath the streets of Cheesebridge. When the town’s villain, Archibald Snatcher (Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley), comes up with a plot to get rid of the Boxtrolls, Eggs decides to venture above ground, “into the light,” where he meets and teams up with fabulously feisty Winnifred (Elle Fanning). Together, they devise a daring plan to save Eggs’ family. Directors: Anthony Staachi and Graham Annable. (C) Focus

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  1. Are you fn kidding me Alonso? This movie is fantastic. Beautifully made, full of charm, character, and surprisingly funny. I was expecting nothing going into this movie and I literally would give it a 10. It is a delight.

    I've been able to stomach some of Alonso's previous baffling reviews, but this is a joke. While I find Alonso intelligent and entertaining as a reviewer, he has a serious lack of awareness for quality and real humour, and 50% of the time his taste in movies is garbage. Okay sorry rant over.

  2. I was a bit taken aback by William calling it ugly, gross… I tough it was rather beautiful and, well, a lot of people around the world do eat bugs. Perhaps you're just too easily disgusted.

  3. I give this movie put of 1-10 a 10 🙂 sorry I just think It was cute I love the fannings

  4. + excellent animation
    + I laughed at least 5 times
    + delightfully creepy and icky
    + memorable villain
    + fine voice acting all around

    – clichéd story arc
    – some pacing issues early on
    – boxtroll characters themselves not very memorable

    For general crowds a 6, for fans of creepy kids movies a 7,5.

  5. Funny, I thought it was much better than Coraline and ParaNorman. But then, I found both of those kind of dull… To each one's own.

  6. Just my opinion – I don't see how the minions have ever been individualized. They have slight variations in design like the Boxtrolls do, but every single one has the same chipper semi-obnoxious persona, which I've never noticed a deviation from outside of them turning evil in DM2. 

    That being said, having just watched it again tonight, the Boxtrolls were pretty nondescript for the most part, and I think the other characters were a little dull. I can only say the film measures up to being "alright", it was just very basic and really nothing new or special.

  7. I feel if this film is to be called "ugly" then it should be taken a step back to possibly realise that is the style; it is actually in my eyes fine art for that

  8. This was the first stop motion that was actually not bad. The humor was off or something and seemed to change in and out during the movie.

  9. I love the art style and animation, but my goodness the story was so boring. I felt the timing and dialog too lengthy, to me it over explained everything and kept repeating the same situation over and over.
    Which is sad because I really wanted this to be awesome……but I can tell this will not be on my DVD shelf next to Coraline and Paranorman when it comes out =I

  10. I didn't see Coraline and didn't love Paranorman as much as I thought I would, but I think I'm gonna like this one much, much more.

  11. "Ugly and charmless" I think the charm of the art style being so "ugly" and "dirty-looking" was the charm! I adored it.

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  13. I'd heard so many great things about The Boxtrolls. The animation looked good, but I fell asleep during Coraline so I sidestepped Paranorman. If this isn't as good as they are oh, man . . . I'll see it on TV.

  14. This film is full of charm, its characters are engaging and the animation is SUPERB! Seriously, you can toss CG out the window cause the love of the craft shines throughout this movie.  *Stay for the credits for a charming little scene about stop-motion animation*  For reals, tho, 3.2 ??!! I respectfully disagree with Alfonso, he's given better ratings to movies of much lesser fare

  15. I enjoy the reviews so much more without the self important blowhard Alonso. Again he proves he's completely irrelevant.

  16. The more I think about this film, the more I like it. It made me laugh a lot and I loved Ben Kingsley's henchman in the film (Nick Frost, Richard Ayoade and Tracey Morgan).

  17. I've never heard anyone say that A Bug's Life is the weakest Pixar movie. It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Cars movies are the weakest Pixar movies.

  18. What's up with those ridiculously specific scores? A 3.2? Just give it a 3 or a 4, that extra decimal is completely meaningless.

  19. You can watch a film like this for the craftsmanship alone. It is so well made, and you don't make films like this for money. It's a labor of love and it shows.


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