THE BOXTROLLS Trailer # 2 (Movie Trailer HD)


From the makers of CORALINE and PARANORMAN
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An orphaned boy raised by underground creatures called Boxtrolls comes up from the sewers and out of his box to save his family and the town from the evil exterminator, Arichibald Snatcher.

Release Date : In theatres September 2014

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  1. Its Loch Lomond singing  He's Got the Whole World in His Hands. I want this song sung by them. I'll literally go and buy a ipod gift card just for this song.

  2. Oh wow this looks beautiful I'm al big fan of stop motion movies like Paranorman and Coraline I can't wait for this movie to come out.

  3. I'm very excited about this! Visuals alone and the creative process in making this alone has sold me to go and see this. Hopefully the writing and story telling will be just as beautiful as how they look visually.


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