The Fall of 76


Bunker down and pray for updates.

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– The lad who did the weird version of Country Roads:

– Nihilore | Bush Week

– Simon Bichbihler | In the 1980s

– LiQWYD | Night Out

– 13ounce | OKAY

– Vendredi | Landscape lover

– Olivaw | Chasing The Light

– Josh Woodward | Cherubs

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“Can’t place camp” clip:


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  1. So no one is gonna talk about how he bought a lifetime supply of toilet paper? Months before the shortage? He knew things we didn't

  2. All 2-3 months I'm looking this video. That's the only good thing from Fallout76.
    And it happen so many things after that.

  3. I have fallout 76, I have to give credit where credit is due. Crashes are less frequent bugs happen more rarely the story is at least there, whether it be good or not.

    The only good thing I liked of fallout 76 was the building, BUGGY AS FUCK STILL TODAY. "Item is floating" my ASS.
    But when the build comes together and it looks nice and then you move your camp by accident and OH…
    Restart time.
    ( THIS WAS CLOSE TO LAUNCH MIND YOU )Multiple times I had someone come up to me at level 15 or so, with an explosive mini gun. An item you can use at around level 30. They'll destroy your base, get a friend to take their bounty, then trade the caps back.

    I could go on a rant of my experience but I won't, I'll just compare the good and bad of 76. (today)

    Good! (this took 7 minutes)
    Less bugs
    ( I just sat here and thought really hard then realized what I was doing. It's so bad I can't think of other reasons instantly )
    Less glitchers/exploiters/script kitties/hackers/ WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL THEM.
    Crashes are less frequent
    PVP is balanced now (in other words you HAVE to fight back to take damage)
    Nukes are less common(but not rare) to crash servers

    BAD! ( this took 6 minutes)
    Game breaking bugs still exist
    Power armor is not patched
    Building is a fuckfest on its own, HOW IS THIS FLOATING?!
    Fighting legendary enemies you have a good chance of getting NOTHING (scorchbeast queen included)
    Enemies can be a complete bullet sponge
    You can have characters deleted at random ( I know from experience)
    Data will sometimes not save
    If a high level player walks by you in combat you have a high chance of fighting a high level enemy on your own
    Trash talkers run rampant
    Crafting stations can get you stuck into infinite loops of opening and closing them
    Sometimes to get out of a certain glitch, you have to close the whole fucking game
    "Allies or companions" are just people who lounge at your camp giving you another quest every once in a while IT'S JUST PRESTON UNDER THAT MASK TAKE OFF YOUR SKIN COWARD!!!
    Guns are laughably the weakest versions of combat I have ever seen in a game IF they are not legendary.
    Combat is annoying
    Melee still op to insane points
    The graphics look worse than fallout 4 (in my opinion)
    Frame rate drops randomly occur

  4. funny thing is you could make a part 2 of this and still have a video this long from all the new fuckups they have done lol…

  5. I fucking lost it during the gamestop clip when that guy behind the counter just casually answered the phone

  6. Imagine promoting a product halfway through a video that already has an ad ever 5 minutes. Somebody is clearly in it for the money. Pathetic


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