The Forest: Rad Dad Squad – Part 1


What do you get when three multi-cultural dads lose their son in the middle of the woods? THE RAD DAD SQUAD!

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming next Sunday –

All of the Dad Squad was recorded live on
You can watch the full VOD here:

The Rad Dad Squad:
Criken (White Text) – Dad #2
Kiwo (Orange Text) – Dad #3
Joefudge (Blue Text) – Dad #1

Special Thanks to Shayne Hawke for editing this little diddy together:


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  1. "I want her clothes. Valuable Resource."

    Wonder if that's why these days, when I play the game, half the players are wearing that damn dress?

  2. JoeFudge's twitch channel is gone 😮
    So is Kiwo's wtf.

  3. when the realize that the red canibal looking dude was probably just like you
    spoilers for game below

    he must have been one of the previous island dwellers, either he came on the chopper you see in the recording, or he was on the yaught or one of the tents.

    like you, he found the control panel for 'that' facility and used it to bring down your plane.
    like you, he took one of the survivors, hoping children would be among them.
    like you he abducted the survivor kid and used it to bring back HIS kid.
    he even painted himself red so the canibals would worship him and leave him be

    only difference is, YOU happen to escape the island with the kid you 'saved'

  4. He has killed many of the island's people, and beheaded it's sea beasts, but he would give anything… To see his son again.

  5. The basic story of The Forest:

    Your flight crashed and your son got taken away from cannibals.

    Now, your job is to not care about your son and just survive doing random shit.

  6. I was having so much fun watching this on stream and here it's just a bunch of people complaining in the comments.. Get a life

  7. Honestly kiwo made this video 35% better than it would've been if it was just the two of them. People really just don't like her because she's a girl.

  8. Whenever I see Kiwo I get flashbacks from that one fateful night at the Earthworm Chapel…
    That was gold, she holds a special place in my heart for that.

  9. damn so much hate in the comments…kiwo isnt my type of youtuber/streamer but jesus why is everyone being so rude you don't gotta be assholes and say that shit..if you didn't really enjoy it then just go watch something else no need to complain about it but i guess you guys don't care that much since people don't care how they treat others on the internet

  10. this is my favorite criken vid to date! And to the haters of the girl in the video, she was great! She sounds like a total hottie 😉


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