The Forest: Return of Son – Finale


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On December 29th a plane carrying 8 discrete dads and their shared custody sons crashed in the middle of a cannibal jungle. Driven by an undying desire to find their sons and feast on human flesh, the dads set out in the jungle to find their destiny. This is their story.

The Dads:
Bedbananas –
Tomato Gaming –
GameWithMe –
Chippers –
Buck –
MrLawlMan – (im sorry I don’t know your social mr lawlman)
Flimsii –
Zyke –
JoeFudge –

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Video edited by Shayne Hawke:


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  1. Why does PC have more excpiriance than ps4 on the forest. The Max on ps4 is 4 ppl and when the timi gror up and he have an excpiriance arter he was showering and then i lost evrything my giant base

  2. If there are so many dads just to make one supreme son, then that explains why the red cannibal kidnap the son to revive his daughter. So he can turn his daughter into a supreme daughter.

  3. i was cryin when he said guys ?!?! im glitched out of the map im not even on the map anymore lmfaoooooooooooooooo

  4. You could have turned off the machine in the final room and got a orb that had the choice to attract and repeal the cannibals on the island at will instead of spreading the virus to the rest of the world.

  5. I'm just gonna imagine that the dad had multiple personalities and not Timmy doesn't actually have 10 fathers.

  6. I’m a dang girl! You should be happy in this world! We girls give birth to kids! If weren’t here you would not be here!

  7. Guys! OMG LOL! There was another person that took down our plane and put timmy in that artifact. And then they sacrificed timmy to get their kid. And when the other plane crashed he went and stole another kid whit red paint on since there was a crap ton of red paint at that place. And then you reviwe timmy and thats why timmy is alive from selecting that ending.


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