The Perfect Metal Sonic Game! (Metal Sonic Rewritten)


This is just the beginning!

Spectra Valley Act 3 by:

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  1. imagine this sonic and tails chilling in their house in Green hill but suddenly metal sonic starts ravaging the island and starts fighting with sonic but sonic starts to struggle so he goes Super Sonic but this was his plan and starts draining his power and sonic is defeated tails and Amy are evacuating the animals, but metal sonic uses caos* control and destroys green hill. one hell of a good start if you ask me

  2. I gotta say, I love the idea of:
    Tails: I'm not going to tinker with Metal, I'm not going to tinker with Metal, I'm not going to- wait, why is there a wrench in one of my hands and a metal plate in the other?

  3. I would like to add to Tails fixing up Metal Sonic to see how he works. If you know about Sonic Battle then you should know where I'm coming from and that is having Tail's going to the military PC to get more information and a better way to fix things but since they will not allow him to go inside (and I think Rough the bat will not be part of it) so he has to break in with Metal Sonic to have a short amount of time for backup and Sonic to come into the scene which Sonic comes thinking Tails was there to battle Metal which made him assume he would be Team battling to realize what Tails was actually does.

  4. I think that something that would be perfect for metal sonic is that he can copy your skill at the Sonic games, i mean that he can copy your technique for going fast, or it would be like a better player, with better skill, better technique at going fast.

  5. Sonic Team: Hey remember how Metal Sonic ended up being are most intimidating villain?
    Sega: Yeah.
    Sonic Team: Yeah. Well in this game he’s not even real in this game, and won’t have a good boss fight.
    Sega: Well, fans are going to be pissed.

  6. Using powers like scan memories creating weakness. Powers form the specials stages using mines. Underwater form ,rocket form, nega form.

    2 days ago

    Those are ideas.

    2 days ago

    My ideas.

    2 days ago (edited)

    Also can asorb sonic speed apply to his own. Be needs to be balanced.

  7. Tails: I'm not going to tinker with metal Sonic I'm not going to tinker with metal Sonic five seconds later tails: dammit

  8. ???: Ah hello jet my lothsome copy!
    Jet:huh Wait looks right behind him Johnny.

    Johnny: That's the solution of speed for you jet!

  9. voice 1 voice 2 voice 3

  10. “…understanding and possible new bonds.”
    What about another changed Eggman robot who did the same thing?

  11. I'll be honest

    Even if people think he "cant" or "shouldn't" return, I hate how they dont ever mention Mephiles again but will gladly bring back wisps and whatever the evil six were in lost world.

    They do alot of characters dirty in many ways


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