The Tale of Captain Andy Trout – A Virgin Voyage [Part 2]



Captain Andy Trout and his Scuttlebutt crew take on the perilous seas of the new MMO ArcheAge!

If you’re curious what the game is you can check it out here: (Keep in mind it’s in alpha still so it’s a bit hard to get in. Open beta is supposedly coming in the next month or two)

In this terrible tale the great pirate Captain Andy Trout leads his crew of misfits on an outrageous journey of questing, pillaging, and pickin’ up chicks (or trying atleast). In this episode the scuttlebutt crew brave the high seas in a quest to reach PIRATE ISLAND! Will our heroes survive the journey despite bad connections and thousands upon thousands of SEA-BUGS?! WATCH AND FIND OUT

The Scuttlebutts:
Andy (Criken) Trout – White Text
Brighteyes (Chippers) – Yellow Text
DiamondGeoffrey (Flimsii) – Pink Text
SimpleJeffery (Critical Idiot) – Green Text
Jacques (Rubyfair) – Purple Text

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Music used:
Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword – Groose’s Theme
Legend of Zelda Windwaker – Maritime Battle
Banjo Tooie – Jolly Rodgers Lagoon
Banjo Tooie – Shootin’ with the Fishes
Pirates of the Caribbean Online – Tavern Theme #2


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  1. So I recently heard the name YourFatherDad and I didn't remember where it was from. On a whim I decided to come back and watch these videos only to find YourFatherDad again. I'm amazed.

  2. Dude fuck that. My worst fear ever sense I was a child is getting attack by a underwater beast while I'm helplessly in the water without anything to float on. Fuck that dude I'd be fucking screaming and probably disconnect and make a new character reguardless of how far I made it into the game.


  3. this is honestly one of your best series i know its been awhile but please bring it back it would make my day for life

  4. It kinda sucks that Archeage becomes pay to play once you finish the character story. Either that or it's not really worth it if you don't have people to co-op with.

  5. These videos made me play Archeage, and I loved it for almost a year. The multiclass system, the trading system, the PvP, the massive Open world PvP/trading/pvp of the open oceans… Too bad Trion fucked over the NA version so badly. Cash shop ahoy.


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