The Tale of Captain Andy Trout – The Rowboat Rescue [Part 3]


Captain Andy Trout and his Scuttlebutt crew take on the perilous seas of the new MMO ArcheAge!

If you’re curious what the game is you can check it out here: (Keep in mind it’s in alpha still so it’s a bit hard to get in. Open beta is supposedly coming in the next month or two)

In this terrible tale the great pirate Captain Andy Trout leads his crew of misfits on an outrageous journey of questing, pillaging, and pickin’ up chicks (or trying atleast). In this episode Andy and Brighteyes (accompanied by Cat-man) brave the dangerous waters of Pirate Island in search for booty….upon finding no booty the small crew set out in search for their long lost friend Simple Jeffrey. But will these salty swabbies survive the terrors of the sea with nothing but a ROW-BOAT?! WATCH AND FIND OUT

The Scuttlebutts:
Andy (Criken) Trout – White Text
Brighteyes (Chippers) – Yellow Text
DiamondGeoffrey (Flimsii) – Pink Text
SimpleJeffery (Critical Idiot) – Green Text
Jacques (Rubyfair) – Purple Text
Cat-Man (Yourdad) – Grey Text

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Music used:
Banjo Kazooie – Crew Quarters Theme
Team Teamwork – Zora’s Domain Instrumental Remix:
Risen 2 – Pirate Town Theme
World of Warcraft – Pirate Tavern Theme #1


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