The Tale of Captain Andy Trout – The Rowboat Rescue [Part 3]



Captain Andy Trout and his Scuttlebutt crew take on the perilous seas of the new MMO ArcheAge!

If you’re curious what the game is you can check it out here: (Keep in mind it’s in alpha still so it’s a bit hard to get in. Open beta is supposedly coming in the next month or two)

In this terrible tale the great pirate Captain Andy Trout leads his crew of misfits on an outrageous journey of questing, pillaging, and pickin’ up chicks (or trying atleast). In this episode Andy and Brighteyes (accompanied by Cat-man) brave the dangerous waters of Pirate Island in search for booty….upon finding no booty the small crew set out in search for their long lost friend Simple Jeffrey. But will these salty swabbies survive the terrors of the sea with nothing but a ROW-BOAT?! WATCH AND FIND OUT

The Scuttlebutts:
Andy (Criken) Trout – White Text
Brighteyes (Chippers) – Yellow Text
DiamondGeoffrey (Flimsii) – Pink Text
SimpleJeffery (Critical Idiot) – Green Text
Jacques (Rubyfair) – Purple Text
Cat-Man (Yourdad) – Grey Text

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Music used:
Banjo Kazooie – Crew Quarters Theme
Team Teamwork – Zora’s Domain Instrumental Remix:
Risen 2 – Pirate Town Theme
World of Warcraft – Pirate Tavern Theme #1


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  1. I suppose Captain Andy Trout has hung up his trout. Your adventures will be told across the land and sea, Captain. He shouldn't have gone after the cursed booty that wipes the drive. Lol. XD

  2. I watch this video every year, it hurts to watch sometimes because Criken never plays with these people, he only plays with Bedbananas and his newer set of friends. Wish I could've seen the crew again in Sea of Thieves but that's clearly not the happening 🙁

  3. "The crew sets out on another adventure" "Criken confronts his fear of sharks" "And Andy finally steals some plunder" well he wasn't wrong, Sea of Thieves is just 4 years late.

  4. I wish you would bring this back Criken. Its still the one series I come back to when I cant find anything to laugh at on Youtube.

  5. Is seriously no one going to mention the guy with the Crimson Omen from GoW on his ship?

  6. Makes me sad the video footage got corrupted, leading to this series being tragically cut short before its time.

  7. was hopin crike would upload a new episode of this on Pirate Day back in September, would've been a golden opportunity! And every scurvy sea dog loves himself a spot 'O gold, yarrr!


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