Top 10 Most Shocking Mistakes in Sports


Top 10 Most Shocking Mistakes in Sports
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Well, that was embarrassing. From fumbles, to own goals, to running in the wrong direction, these sports mistakes are cringeworthy. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Most Shocking Mistakes in Sports.

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#10. DeSean Jackson Lets Go of the Football
#9. Jean van de Velde’s Triple Bogey
#8. Jim Marshall Runs the Wrong Way
#7. Leon Lett’s Premature Celebration
#6. Loris Karius’s Terrible Goalkeeping
#5. Jim Joyce Ruins Armando Galarraga’s Perfect Game
#4. Steve Smith’s Own Goal
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. I can understand huge mistakes in important games are anger inducing but seriously? Death threats and murder? I know your better than that.

  2. To be honest, that 5th down touchdown by Colorado wasn't merely the officials' mistake, it was also the poll voters' mistake. Since everyone knew Colorado hadn't legitimately won that game, the AP voters should have treated it as a loss and not voted Colorado as the number 1 team.

  3. Just to put it into perspective: Jim Marshall's running the wrong way cost his team 2 points. Any run of the mill thrown interception that is returned for a touchdown is a bigger mistake. Every missed field goal taken from a close enough distance that it ought to be a gimme is a bigger mistake.

  4. Hi, watchmojo… Can we do a top 10 on emotional scenes while re-watch… Ex black widow "see you in a minute…" Before the time jump… Avengers endgame

  5. Roddick volley in second set tie break of Wimbledon final 2009 should have been in top 3. Man was almost 2:0 in sets and because of that mistake ended up losing a match and retiring without Wimbledon championship.

  6. Bill buckner….my dad wouldn't even let me be friends with a kid named Bill after that game…. lol 🤣…

  7. The GK for Liverpool had a concussion during the match! Caused for an adversary player. It’s proven that this caused the mistakes…

  8. Oh how I loved that Bucker mistake in '86. As an Angels fan, I was still reeling from Baylor's home run in the 9th in Game 5 that led to a painful collapse by the Halos. I know it is sour grapes and all, but at the time I was not pulling for the Red Sox in the slightest and wanted them to suffer as I had.

  9. Excuse me? He is not a national hero (Pablo Escobar) the majority of Colombians hate him. He represents one of the worst atrocities in our country. That comment is insulting and makes all Colombians look like idiots. Please do you research!

  10. I am from Seattle so Russell Wilson losing is the Super Bowl Yeah that’s
    The biggest one for me and other fan of the Seahawks

  11. #1 has to be when Fred Merkle did not touch second base on what was supposed to be a walk-off win for the Giants in 1908. Him failing to do so cost his team the game and essentially cost them the pennant that year. Although I'm not surprised it wasn't on here considering how long ago it happened.


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