VALENTINO Spring Summer 2020 Paris – Fashion Channel


Credit: Courtesy Valentino

VALENTINO Spring Summer 2020 Paris – Fashion Channel

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  1. Valentino brought tears to my eyes watching his fashion shows. These designer/designers represent Valentino VERY WELL!

  2. Don't get it with the new "diversity craze"… it is way out of proportion now. Two black models opening Valentino? Can't imagine this very European label attracts women of colour very much…

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  4. Stark White, neon, black, with ostrich feather trim, long hair, gold, strappy sandals, lace, large bold flowers with open areas of color, neon wrist clutch or suitcase size bag, super short or super long dresses. Sheer, flounces, see through, ruffles, covering only sensitive areas. Huge, long, gold, dangling, whoop ear rings.

  5. Love 💘 clothes designing dresses which I love to do so many cool 😎 videos for 🏧fashion inspiration on here ..

  6. I love the textures and movements of the way the clothes are worn .. gorgeous . And the whole setting is such a vibe

  7. Nothing new,copy from another design and year,we need clothing new, for hot day a new fabrics,or design ,for the Milenium..mabe fabric not get old..why to much woman color ?…those model need wall feminine ,same a woman..not same a men…and to to the beauty saloon for better hear look…

  8. All the elements of Valentino are present, except that wow from past collections. They all look like they were on the road to being a great dress and then someone edited those dresses into the opposite of a masterpiece….ugh what happen Valentino?

  9. all so miserable …some look like nuns …and gallop too fast …those sandals give you veins …some is beautiful of cause


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