Vampire the Masquerade: Count Succula Cometh – Part 1


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Vampire the Masquerade is the edgiest little game I’ve played in years and I absolutely love it. This series was brought to you from an extended series of Twitch Streams we did where I’d bring on a guest to co-commentate as we slinked through the shadows of this crazy world.

Todays co-caster is Shayne Hawke! Say hi Shayne Hawke!
“hi everybody!”

Wow this video was also edited by Shayne Hawke! Thanks Shayne Hawke! “your welcome everybody u can find me on my youtube channel here” Woah that’s right everybody go check out Shayne Hawke!

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  1. One of the best RPGs ever made. I just finished as a Gangrel. Beat most of the game without weapons. Bat communion and pestilence were all I needed. Bat communion refills your blood while pestilence dissolves your enemies. Grangrel have so many great weapons.

  2. "What's a Saturday Night Special?" This is how you can tell these are nerdy white dudes.

    Also, they're playing VtM Bloodlines.

  3. 10:10 Where did the dog come from? I've ran through this entire game at least 20 times and never once ran across this.

  4. I wish i knew Twitch Leecher existed sooner…so many good streams, gone to the void! I REALLY wanted the Left 4 Dead Colosseum videos up…i bet they were glorious…

  5. dafuq? i never noticed it when i first played the game myself years ago, but…
    First. The door got kicked up Twice, you hear the door being kicked and slamming into the wall twice.
    Secondly. When the other dude comes in to stab the MC, you can see the foot of the one who threw his stake in a freeze frame, like he thought his throw was so epic he had to stand in that pose for others to soak it in.

  6. I'd recommend using the "True Patch Gold", since it just does bug fixes with no mods. I know I'm a bit late. I can already tell yours is a bit modded, music where it shouldn't be, that dog, and the modified hooker skins.

  7. These guys are idiots. A Saturday night special is a cheap handgun, usually a .38 revolver. What kind of sheltered life did they lead not to know that?

  8. Out of all the play throughs Ive watched why is this the ONLY one that shows the head being decapitated? What the actual fuck? Is the game censored in other versions or something?


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