Volume Five: Raymond Federman


The fifth issue fêtes tireless innovator in fiction and poetry, renowned Beckett scholar, relentless self-mythologiser, impish postmodern theorist, riotous humorist, playful pedagogue, friend and father Raymond Federman, with contributions from Jerome Klinkowitz, Jeffrey R. Di Leo, Jacob Paul, Douglas Messerli, Larry McCaffery, Julia Frey, Geoffrey Gatza, Ted Pelton, Simone Federman, Steve Katz, Serpil Opperman, G.N. Forester, Eckhard Gerdes, Doug Rice, plus exclusive fictions from the Federman archives, including several from an abandoned volume of abandoned fictions.


“Only a century as excruciating as the twentieth could have produced a voice like Raymond Federman’s – a voice in a closet, hailing us all with scurrilous laughter and absurd wisdom. This volume in celebration of Hombre de la Pluma samples that voice, and echoes with the voices of some of those who resonated to it.  It’s all a pack of lies! and, of course, all perfectly true.” — Brian McHale, author of Postmodernist Fiction


“A feast for Fed-heads and a great introduction for newcomers, this lavish volume is an appropriately irreverent, loving, and off-the-wall celebration of one of the most important writers of post-war American fiction. Yeah, really. Time to reappraise, critics. And for the rest of you guys, time to dive back in. Federman lives!” — Scott Black, author of Of Essays and Reading in Early Modern Britain


Release Date: June 16th, 2016.  ISBN: 9789810993467. 290pp. Available from all booksellers and usual online retailers.


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