Warface: Heavy Man and Katana Girl


Check out Warface Here:

Thanks to My.com for sponsoring this video, hope you all enjoy!

Warface is a very serious dramatic war game where you fight soldiers and zombie cyborgs and regular cyborgs and claymores and mines. I don’t think any of us are particularly good but hey we got the job done and did a weird grandpa RP so that’s worth something.

The Squad:
Criken (it me)

Edited by Shayne Hawke:

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  1. Holy cow I haven't play this game for longest time when the game is shut down on consoles. I really miss this game so much ;w; I wish i can play this game on pc soon

  2. I haven't watched this video yet… And I'm kinda nervous doing so.

    After all… What gameplay could possibly live up to the epic name of WARFACE

  3. Came here for a fun Criken video, left with 2,000 dislikes and soul-crushing depression. Going to channel my emotions into my next Prepare to Cry script, thanks buddy! You always know exactly what I need

    Note: this is an edited comment as i did not script it ahead of time, sorry

  4. I'll be honest, I skimmed through the video description and thought it said "Thanks to My mom for sponsoring this video"

  5. Tomato Grandpa, Katana Kiwo, Commander Criken, and uh…. Shayne.

    Who could ask for a better crack squad?

  6. you do you Crick who cares if this is a paid promotion you gotta make money somehow and you make very enjoyable videos.

  7. its an awesome video and I don't mind the paid promotion part, but its painful to see how the game itself is, negative reviews up the ass and when I tried it out there was no audio AT ALL. it has potential to be a great game but its all wasted, its just best to uninstall the game so it cant disappoint you further


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