Wargame: Airland Battle NATO Deck Creation – Swedish (Sweden)


The Swedish Deck is some incredibly high armored vehicles for their relative prices. They are both underrated and underestimated. Bring some in to hold the line and have some ATGM units behind to demolish the Soviets. In this episode, I create a pure East German deck not specific to any specialty so that I can have access to all types of units. I explain why I choose certain units in my deck.

Wargame Airland Battle :

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Weaknesses :
1) The tanks are often underestimated but they have relatively good armor for their price.
2) The planes will likely be outclassed by those of your opponents.

Strength :
1) Most of the units are inexpensive.
2) Large number of activation points. This means you can bring in quantity.
3) Tanks have good front armor.

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