Welcome to the Game II: The Internet is Hard


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Welcome to the Game II is a scary game about the internet and the variety of shrimps you can pick in a list. Join me as we hack the hackers and dive into my shadowy past of Call of Duty montages…

Shout out to my buddy Strippin, sorry for putting you on blast, pal:

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Video edited by Yabaecip (his first on this channel, show him some love!)

Nguồn: https://verbivoraciouspress.org/

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  1. The internet was a mistake.
    Give a warm welcome to Yabaecip who edited this video as his first project for this channel (I'm sorry to put you through this) https://twitter.com/Yabaecip?lang=en
    Full video of the livestream available on my Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/videos/249432738

  2. 10:12 I had my graduation ring for high school shipped by FedEx and they lost it so the company sent another one, but FedEx found it so I have 2 rings

  3. You guys ever notice that in the Confess your sins part he types down “I subscribed to criken” and in markipliers video of this game on the exact same website he clicks a random sin button and it says the exact same thing meaning that all of those sins were all typed by people and recorded by the game

  4. Criken you don't understand, they need girls for tea parties, without them, tea parties are useless, simce you didn't give them girls, then you'll be the girl in the tea party.

  5. 8:24 the rocks reminded me of my classmate he stacked small pieces of rock
    and my other classmate was walking and somehow tripped instead of the small stack of the small rocks falling.

  6. What do you think da Vinci has been doing in this book of course and it's just a couple of things to go back in a few seconds ago but it's still not a robot to be honest your own house and I don't have a great uncle

  7. I stumbled upon a genital mutilation and abuse video on youtube back in like 2015. Lets just say I’ll never look at men the same way again


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