What Is A Goodyear Welt?

The Goodyear welt may be the biggest buzzword in mens shoes, but what exactly is it? The Goodyear welting method is an excellent method of building a shoe but it’s by no means the only method you should consider. The Blake stitch, Blake rapid, cementing, bologna, and Norwegian styles all have their pros and cons and it’s important to know which fills your need best.
Goodyear welt- comfortable, water resistant, but can be stiff at first.
Blake stitch- Close cropped sole for a sleek look, can wick moisture into the shoe and more difficult to resole.
Blar Rapid- A hybrid of Goodyear and Blake: stiffer than Blake but not as water resistant as Goodyear.
Cement- Cheap, flexible, best for “beater shoes” or sneakers.
Bologna- Extremely flexible, but not very water resistant or supportive.
Norwegian- The most water resistant, also the least flexible with a very noticeable welt.

Some awesome Goodyear welted boots:
-Red Wing Iron Ranger:
-Wolverine 1000 Mile:
-Thorogood Beloit:




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