Why Fighting Toxicity WORKS; Diablo style game Marvel Heroes Shut Down by Disney


Overwatch toxicity can be fought. Amid the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 EA kerfuffle, Disney shuts down Marvel Heroes sooner than expected. Diablo tier list update preview on the best builds for 2.6.1. Overwatch Tracer cosplay, Mercy nerfs, Moira unintended nerf.

Gazillion tweet:
Gazllion shutting:
Auriel cosplay:
Imperius render:
Valve on DOTA 2:
Moira undocumented change:
Kaplan award:
Tracer hoteshi cosplay:

More Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls guides, builds for all classes – Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, Crusader, Barbarian, Monk, and Wizard:

Overwatch gameplay (PC – no commentary) all characters (before Sombra, Ana, and Orisa):

Part 1: Bastion, D. Va, Genji, Hanzo, Junkrat, Lucio, McCree, Mei, Mercy, Pharah.

Part 2: Reaper, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Soldier 76, Symmetra, Torbjorn, Tracer, Widowmaker, Winston, Zarya, Zenyatta.

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  1. Disney is one of the worst companies to make a contact with if allegations makes them stop supporting the person or company it happened with pewdiepie honestly Disney can go burn

  2. LoN needs to die…. it's fucking horrible to gear towards and the builds themselves are always gimicky lesser versions of normal sets that simply do more damage.

    i think the streamer who was banned should've had a 2 week ban not 72 hours.

  3. I generally think that overwatch has a lot of toxicity because they can't exactly gauge each player's skills properly. There is no kill , death, assist ratio that you can see in the chart.

  4. LoN is the best set for D3 to work the way the game is, because if you do well on unique mods it's possible to make so many different combinations viable. It's much more interesting then sticking to the tiny spectrum that the other sets allow us to play.

  5. Anybody else think games are just get rich quick schemes. Tablet gaming in general, there would be zero recourse for all the money spent to upgrade by new items, cash heavy games. When they are gone so is your money and you have no product a hard copy to even feel you had paid for something viable.

  6. Not a Overwatch player but I am very aware that report systems get abused like crazy. That is why reports should be more based around having a way to require evidence which proves that someone has actually been doing something bad. It is normal for players that are angry at each other to report each other or report someone for cheating when they are not. It is not just Blizzard that deals with reports such as "You are a piece of crap". You can get reported for the most stupid Things and you might have been reported many times while playing without knowing about it at all. (Im convinced that I have been reported like 50 times just while playing normally.) I have actually reported people for reporting me for no reason cuz I was scared of getting banned. I dont know if that makes me quilty in abusing it or not. At least you have probably heard the sentence "reported for reporting" before. I have absolutely no trust in reporting systems myself tho, but that might be bias on my end cuz I ONLY had problems cuz of reports. You need evidence you can't just type something like "This NOOB KID IS HAAACKXXOOR!! PLZZ BAN NOW!!!". I feel like 90 percent of reports are of this nature but I dont have a source on that. Must suck so damn hard to be the person dealing with these reports.

  7. yeah. Rhykker stop being such a fragile snowflake and just keep with game talks. We don't need to have our game content bothered with your personal SJW crap

  8. Doomfist's biggest issue is all his abilities are buggy as fuck. If the fix the damn hero we would be able to tell if he is op or underpowered.

  9. Heros of the Storm has the same system with the chat silence. It works, people are alot less toxic in HotS that I have seen. Also they dont allow talking to the opposite team. That alone limits toxic comments too. The system works and it should be used in games like League of Legends too.

  10. No, it's not a dangerous attitude to have. People venting their toxicity online is infinitely preferrable to them venting it IRL. If you have fragile psyche and is easily triggered, you probably should not be in the competitive game environment or social networks – it's places yo would inevitably be offended, and you complaining about it would only mark you as an easy target.

  11. I play D3 by myself always unless I'm playing couch coop with my girlfriend. Im up to solo GR 85. How do I find groups of legit active players? The only way I can think of is by posting my psn in large chats like this.

  12. I am pretty sure they can add a Mechanic on support items to be buffed only if you are wearing LON.
    How difficult it is to do. I have no idea.
    Is it worth it. Prob not.

  13. Hey Rhykker, I have an important question, could you speak on your thoughts about net nutrality? This will affect everyone in the USA you seem to a good moral baseline and it would be nice to hear your thoughts and help spread awareness. Choosing not to support net nutrality basically means giving up your freedom on the Internet. Thanks Rhykker for everything you've done for the gaming community I really appreciate your content!

  14. Thanks, Rhykker. I'm autistic and my son is showing signs on the spectrum as well. The support toward removing "autistic" from the insulting rhetoric is greatly appreciated.

  15. If Disney thought they were getting the short end of the stick, they'd come up with literally any excuse to get out of a contract. It just so happens that their reasoning was something currently in the spotlight.

    If they were going to buff LoN at all, I would think it would be cool to add a Primal version, where the affects of each ancient item bonus damage is doubled if the ancient is a primal ancient.

  16. Overwatch is doing it!

    Now can Diablo please give an easy way to get rid of all the "New" in the skills tab when leveling up in the beginning of the season?

    I know what skills and runes I want to run, go away!

  17. Companies don't want to fix toxicity for financial reasons plain and simple. Take League of Legends. 27 million players a day, if they only 1% of players for being toxic that's 8 million bans a month. That would cut into profits big time so it will never be addressed not to mention it's closer to 10-20% of players that violate the CoC to some degree every game. These companies only address a minuscule fraction of the worst of the worst repeat violators so they can claim to be addressing the issue and get some PR.

  18. Buff the LON set. It is the most versatile and downright fun to play, because you can use just about any items you want with it. Giving it a buff of +300% per Ancient seems fair, given that the Maurader set gets a whopping +3000% per EACH turret and can have 5 turrets. Primals should give 50-100% more buff than Ancients, and the Sages' set should be exempt from the "No other set bonuses" condition so that it can be used with LON without losing the LON bonuses.

  19. All characters in Overwatch need some love from the Overwatch team at Blizzard. Even the one I call "Fisto"

  20. Damn i miss diablo 🙁 My fav franchise ever but nowdays whenever i start up D3 i just get bored right away :/

  21. For LoN, maybe a buff to let it work with 2pc sets or even 3pc crafted sets, but those set items don't add to damge and reduction bonus.

  22. Mercy nerf in the right direction, would prefer a second longer cast time but mercy is invulnerable during cast. this would give the enemy plenty of time to realise whats happening, and the player would be more willing to revive people. Also would like to be able to fall faster during ult.

  23. Okay, some facts. His ban was warranted & Blizzard doesn't review their own reports. That's part of the problem, they (like virtually every other game) farm out the "reporting" mode. Valve didn't, and that's why something actually got done. Blizzard will NEVER show all their cards because they would have to admit that they have NEVER handled their own reports. I have literally watched as 3rd party companies are told to represent themselves as blizzard CSRs (for correspondence in say, WoW), even though they technically are not blizzard employees.

  24. I think it was purely money. I read their play base was small as it had ever been. Games, for as much money as they make, still aren't as high profile as movies, at least in regard to those who work on them.

  25. I don't agree on the toxicity statement. Everyday I see people in games insulting other players in ways that would be considered a crime in my country and I always report them. Nevertheless the number of those people does not seem to drop at all and there is no feedback if those players actually get banned. They a saying/writing stuff, that should result in an immediate lifetime ban withouth probation and in some cases be reported to the police. And I don't feel like Blizzard or other companies are doing that.

  26. I think that people need to grow a pair and do some self reflection on why people are angry with them. Of course every situation is different but chances are that someone is raging at you for playing like an idiot. If you are at your job and you continually have to do some lazy imbecile's work, you would not eventually man up and say something? Kids these days are complete cowards who just want to report every time someone calls them "poo poo head" because their wittle feelings were so hurt. It honestly makes me sick to see someone say "why r u toxic" because toxic is so overused, it has become the standard retort for anyone who doesn't tell the 0-15 guy what an amazing person he is for singlehandedly losing a ranked game.

  27. It's nice to see some statistics on Dota 2, but I must say I stopped playing Dota 2 this year (beeing playing it since Dota 1) because of the toxic community. As you said, Rhykker, the report happens after the damadge is done. It's nice to have the report system on and working, but it's a reactive report system, the ideal it's something active that prevent those kind of ****…. Keep up the good work… I'm subscribed for a long time and my feedback to you is: There's no gaming channel like yours!!! As you said once your videos get out late, cause you don't want it done the wrong way!!! A good content, a clear way of thinking, a good way of talking to people and a lot of respect!

  28. If LoN isn't going to be balanced/made more end game viable, then why even have the LoN set at all? Just eliminate it from the game. It's not like it's going to be useful with a starter/fresh 70 build. So it should either be buffed or made to disappear.

    And while we're on the topic of useless gear…Blackthorne's anyone? I was seriously sorry for the guy in General chat a few days ago who had just looted…that's right…a Primal piece of Blackthorne's!!! Seriously Blizzard?

  29. @rhykker i just watched an update on the marvel heroes story, and what i heard was that blizzard had come out and said they would pick up the crew from the game. what implications do you belive this will have for diablo?
    here is my source -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eC409U_REU

  30. It seems like it’s every video that this guy punctuates every syllable with his hand. It’s so distracting cause he has some good points but your attention is drawn to his epileptic hand movements while he talks. Try talking in a straight jacket!

  31. Abusive chat exists much more in Player versus Player titles rather than co-op titles. Competition is great but the level of maturity especially on games for kids like league of legends and Overwatch. The player base itself lacks any semblance of maturity for the most part because they are kids. You don't just walk into a middle/highschool classroom and expect an adult level of maturity, do you? That's what these games are, digital classrooms.


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