World War Z : Totally different from Left 4 Dead


Still not Left 4 Dead 3.

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RUN! RUN! Zombies are on the loose and they are scarier than ever – join myself, Strippin, Tomato, and guest starting ImmortalHD as we survive through a mall and a train, while the undead run, crawl, and crawl over each other as they form walls of bodies, trying our best to escape with our very LIVES!

The Crew:


Video Edited by BrettUltimus:

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  1. Valve is just refusing to make a 3rd Left 4 Dead game.

    Kinda makes sense for some other company to come along and try to scratch that itch for people

  2. Been following you since Smokey the Smoker was on the hunt for love. Glad to see your channel isnt dead. When will part 11 of fun house be released? I've followed the series every year now and i cant wait for the 11 year anniv. vid 🙂

  3. Actually no even the special infected animations are the same as the L4D ones soo no BS video, it's very very similar to L4D on many aspects.

  4. to remember crikens l4d2 shit, that was my first l4d ytp sorta thing, thankyou for introducing me to hell <3 also the fh videos are solid too

  5. Honestly I like World War Z, but it seams like they tried too hard to make a game like Left 4 Dead but failed. Don't get me wrong, I like it! But it's nowhere near as good as left 4 dead was…

  6. Bro, these boys are playing with Jerma, James and now Alex? Criken was also on The Official Podcast. I love crossover episodes!

  7. I swear the class names were named by a ork
    “Uhhhhh slasher, fixer uhhhhh HO N GUNSLINGA”

  8. World war z is just like left for dead it has 4 survivers why not 5,3 or 2, has types of zombies why not regular zombie has the bull like the charger and tank,has the lurker like the hunter jumps on u and claws u to death, has the level where ur in a mall and have a car in the mall, the gastank zombie is just like the spiter from lfd2 leaves spit behind but only its gas. so my reasons why world war z is like left for dead

  9. Let's just ignore the fact that L4D copied and refrenced hundreds of other media for it's assets, maps, and gameplay.

  10. Holy shit, I never realized it was you until I looked at the channel name. I used to watch you like, 7 years ago! Along with Kilplix! God the memories are flooding back now

  11. All of the OG L4D video references are giving me full-blown nostalgia…god damn I loved watching Funny Moments of Getting Owned

  12. Shouldn't we be calling this.. LeFT 4ZEdss or something? Because the reassemblences are uncanny.. and It pisses me off. But its actually kinda cute, you can only try to copy perfection

    Where's my FPS mod


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