Xbox One vs. Scorpio Framerate Kerfuffle – IGN Daily Fix


Xbox Scorpio to let devs choose frame rates even in multiplayer, Far Cry 5’s surprise new setting, and today’s biggest stories.

Devs Able to Choose FPS for Scorpio

Far Cry 5 Has American Setting

Spider-Man Actor Is Young Nathan Drake

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  1. So if destiny 2 is 30 fps on Scorpio its because of the developers or the marketing deal with sony. Really want to see what they gonna do. I hope they give us the option with 'scorpio': 1080p 60fps or 4K 30 fps. That would be great for a lot of people who don't have a 4K tv. People with a 1080p screen would still have a reason to buy a 'scorpio'. Anyway, i don't like destiny, i am more a Forza fan and the 'Forza series' never dissapoint. 🙂

  2. Because its in a league of its own, they will call it, Xbox Naomi 😉 So young Nathan Drake is…Spiderman?

  3. I really dont think 4k gaming at 60fps or even 30fps is going to happen anytime soon. Whats the point for develepors wasting time to make a game better to a minority of people. I understand that consoles are going to get more powerful, but they are just going to use that power to upgrade their engine, textures, AI etc, and then put their game at 1080 30/60fps. The only games that will run 4K are going to be older games getting a patch like we are going to see with Scorpio playing the OG Xbox one games. Its the same thing for Playstation. I really doubt popular third party games like Call of duty, battlefield etc are going to focus on getting 4k.

  4. $500 is the max I'm willing to go. Unless there is a trade in for regular Ones for extra credit towards it.

  5. Yeah same goes to the infamous GT, Metal Gear, Heck running out of ideas on crash bandicot lol make a remaster because that what their good at lol at remaster lolololololololol


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