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Yoga For Golfers is a 20 minute yoga sequence to help you improve your game and find balance in both the mind and body. Find core stability to increase your golf swing, increase range of motion, build awareness of muscular imbalances and prevent injury. Open the hips, the shoulders, increase flexibility in the spine and improve proprioception & mental focus.

This Yoga For Golfer’s practice is a fantastic gateway to the wide range of yoga tools for healing, strength, and balance. Appropriate for all types. (Even non-golfers!)

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Yoga With Adriene, LLC recommends that you consult your physician regarding the applicability of any recommendations and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. When participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself.


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  1. My shoulders are no longer stiff. I feel like my handicap just dropped by 10 shots and my swing is so much smoother now . Thanks Adrienne!🏌 ⛳️

  2. After doing your golf stretches and other golf exercises, I no longer take ibuprofen before heading to the course. Thanks

  3. Brilliant video and extremely well explained for a complete novice to Yoga. Didn't realise how inflexible I was until I followed this video. 100% will be following more of your videos, to try and improve my flexibility; which in turn should help with my golf game. Thank You Adriene

  4. I am cursing your name now, but will be praising it when I'm back on the course! I think every serious golfer should supplement their training with some solid yoga. Great video Adriene!

  5. Thanks Adrienne! This is a great post-round stretch for me. Do you recommend more dynamic stretches for a pre-round routine?

  6. I'm not even close to being a golfer, this is just part of my improvised "yoga for quarantine" routine. 🤣

  7. First time doing yoga and this absolutely kicked my butt! Feeling great and ready to give it another go tomorrow! :3

  8. I'm a college golf coach and will be having our team do yoga each week. Looking for about 40 minute youtube instruction. Any chance you're doing any longer one for golf specifically?

  9. Hi Adrienne, this is awesome!
    Any chance you could add in some of the hip and rotation movements from the runners cool down and make a 40 minute session?
    That would be amazing!

  10. I'm not a golfer but found the stretches helpful, preparing me for the day ahead. Thank you Adriene xx Namaste 💟💟

  11. It doesn't matter what baggage I come to mat with , when i leave the mat it's always gone and that is one of the reasons I fell in love with yoga and also we have an awesome teacher and friend in you Adriene so thank you so much , love yuh and Namaste Everyone 💕💞💓💗💖❤🙏

  12. OPEN day 29

    I never played Golf but if I ever did, and then did this session, my body would thank me!


    #ywaOPEN #FWFG

  13. For Day 29 of OPEN, this non-golfer really enjoyed this practice. Afterwards I can feel it in my upper legs, good strength building. From this sequence I learned that awareness in posture and core really helped my balancing and there were some great side stretches too. Excellent, 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞

  14. Loved it! Volume is good for an outdoor filming. The ‘soundtrack ‘ of the birds and animals is exciting. I kept practicing after the video ended. 👍😊

  15. Maam, please do sequence for cricket. A game very popular in England, india, pakistan, srilanka, australia, neengal and and south africa. Please maam

  16. Thanks Adrienne. This is great! I am so rigid, I know this will be good for me. Quick question: on the last exercise, I have a really hard time putting the back of my head on the ground, it’s always slightly in the air, which obviously produces a relatively tense neck. Any tip how to address (and fix) this?

  17. Adriene, just found your channel and loved this video! I'm looking forward to following along on more. Do you have any more routines for opening up the hip flexors and hamstrings?

  18. Now that I'm wanting to get more serious with my golf game I'm going to start giving this a shot. I've always thought I was to tall and big to do yoga related exercises. I'm 6'3" 260lbs, I played football in high school and i build powerlines for a living so I'm not exactly a small framed guy lol

  19. I suppose. Doesnt seem like there is enough attention for the neck? Swinging a piece of metal very fast into the ground creates considerable neck strain.

  20. I'm not a golfer but this is perfect for bedtime. Determined to catch up the practices I missed on July's calendar! Thank you Adriene xx

  21. I practice yoga with Adrienne almost every day and on my golf day I do this video. I feel it really helps my body feel prepared to golf and I'm ready for that first swing!

  22. Good Evening Adriene, what an efficient way to end my day and especially after a day full of workouts which I loved but my body is achy, so completed this as soon as I got home, no joke, I just put everything down got into a soft tank top and my favorite Capri pajama pants I use only for yoga now and got busy with the segment. Thank you; Namaste 💖🙏🏽

  23. This video just for the background nature sounds!!! Amazing! Love how 20 minutes can really get the juices flowing. 🙏🏻


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