Zelda Ocarina of Time Randomizer Co-Op : The Three Swords


We don’t talk about the fourth one.
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Behold the Might of the 3 Swords! Criken, Shaynehawke, and Dave5005 go on a brave adventure to defeat the evils in the Deku Tree! Oh, and all the items are randomized – that’s some pretty crazy content right there.

Video Edited by Shaynehawke:

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  1. I know you paid a lot for that intro but it was so distracting that I didn't absorb anything you said for the entire 1 minute and 22 seconds it was on-screen

  2. Holy crap this had me laughing 😂 y'all are funny asf. Im liking and subscribing! Also please do more of this! 😅

  3. 😅🤣😂😅 He died dont worry he will get up in 15 seconds.😅🤣😂 Aww thats too bad! He's dead bye I'm gonna go freeze to death for opening a chest! 😅🤣😂🤣😅😂😅😂😂🤣

  4. I love how Criken and Dave are just doing things casually, yet Shayne can't help but speedrun. The curse runs deep in this one. 😀

  5. At least this makes sense
    Play Terraria with the full randomized mod
    The settings allow you to…. Uhhhhhhh
    It's so fucking random aaaaa

  6. Damn man! I must say. This is some solid Legend Of Zelda gameplay! I can't wait to see another part to this. This is some good content from this channel. Keep up the good work!

  7. When I hear the background music all I can think of is calebcity music video about if Disney made a movie about drug dealers


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