Zelda Windwaker Randomizer : Sams Slippery Slope


Platformers are the one genre I have any respect in.
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Welcome to the Legend of Zelda Windwaker Randomizer challenge! All items we discover in the game are random and so is our player character! In this playthrough we play as Sams Undersail, and his no sword pacifist run!

Video Edited by Shaynehawke:

Nguồn: https://verbivoraciouspress.org/

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  1. *sees whatever monster *
    If you take one more step u gonna have a bad tom
    takes one more step
    find sword in chest
    Sorry old lady this is why I don’t make promises

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  3. Can someone help me, in Edwad Emberpants Episode 9 they got a new outro song for the episode, someone got the song name for me please?


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